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The recommended battery for proper functioning is the Yocan Uni Pro and the use of any other mod will not be eligible for a replacement.


Jet-A #9, Frosted Death Cake, Apes In Space, Hulk Berry, Tom Ford, Vanilla Frosting, Comatose, Peyote Cookies, Strawberry Banana, Sherb Crasher, Bluefin Tuna, Donny Burger, Pink Death Star, Mandarin Cookies, Kush Mints, Donkey Butter, 11 Roses, COMAC, Jet-A #5, Blizzard Wreck, MAC X GMO, Wedding Crasher, Chemmacle, Donny Burger, Meat Breath, Island Tuna, Island Pink, Gas Mask, Sleep Walker, Peanut Bubba, Cookie Punch, Live Sour Diesel, Live Sour Patch Kids, Live Tropicana Punch, Live Purple Banana Dough, Live Crescendo 1, Tropicana Cookies, Dosi Killer, Zombie Face, Animac, Fruit Loops, DOSI Sundae, Donny Charms, Wedding Cake, Lemon Pound Cake, Cookies N Cream, MK Ultra, Trop Sundae, Miracle Alien Cookies, El Chapo, Peach Pie, Lindsay OG, El Muerte, Hulk Berry, Banana Sundae, LSO Death Tuna, Bubba Train, Jet Fuel Gelato, Chem Fire, Ghost Train Haze