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UNI Pro Features:

  • Yocan Patented Design
  • Fit Your Favorite 510 Cartridges
  • Preheat Mode: Click the power button 2 times
  • OLED Display
  • Built With Hanging Hole

In stock


  1. Eric

    Thank you to cannapanda for always having the best delivery times and taking care of their customers, you guys are awesome!

  2. Mauricio Calle (verified owner)

    I have used a few vape pens before. This is by far superior. Its sleek, fits in your palm and packs a punch. Best Mod Box for your carts.

  3. thegreatjo11 (verified owner)

    Simply the best battery mod for your carts. 100% worth it.

  4. stephane lavigne (verified owner)

    Best mod out there imo, cant go wrong with this little bad boy. Any cartridge fits, preheating and recharges real quick if your in a hurry 🙂

  5. chillysteak (verified owner)

    Awesome little device! Makes vaping carts too easy. Amazing delivery time, and even better customer service! You guys are the best!!!

  6. Kira07 (verified owner)

    its nice and small its my first vape mod happy with it bought it with Shnozzberries EE Cart it works great just gotta find right spot for it to work and not show no atomizer so dont worry it is not broken or anything you just gotta find the spot for the carts to work im new to it myself and just Googled how to use and why was showing that so dont worry it works

  7. The Punisher (verified owner)

    The Best Operating Mod on the Market and at the lowest price. These Are wicked and are stealthy as all hell. Grab some Carts and your ready to medicate!

  8. Arham chaudhry (verified owner)

    The best device available to operate cartridges with specific voltage settings.

  9. JWiz (verified owner)

    It works. Multiple voltages for multiple kinds of hits

  10. James (verified owner)


  11. Jesser (verified owner)

    Beautifully engineered device. Way too good for a vape pen. Also, it’s now USB-C, even the 1.0 model. 10/10

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