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Pack of 5


Honey, Honey Bourbon, Dark Stout, Russian Cream, Honey Berry, Grape, Vanilla, Dark Leaf, Black Russian, Cognacs, Honey Bourbon, Banana, ZaZa (Gashouse X Backwoods)


  1. High__tolerance (verified owner)

    It tasted really good and it’s only should be filled with super quads in my opinion goes great in the morning try to finish it though once it’s lit. Overall nice to enjoy exotics when you can, vanilla over everything.

  2. High__tolerance (verified owner)

    I’ve also tried the grape flavour and no complaints pretty smooth sweet on the lips and tongue but in my opinion second best flavour offered

  3. elzeindanny5 (verified owner)

    Honey Berry was amazing. Flavor on point with these wraps

  4. AlreadyBeenStewing (verified owner)

    First time seeing and trying the dark leaf. Can always count on panda for the exclusives. They were easily the freshest woods I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking. The dark leaf has a very unique but not overpowering taste and look to them. They make for a very nice treat!

  5. jeremie0770-0427 (verified owner)

    Very fresh woods. Enjoyable

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