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Honey Badger, Honey Badger Jam, Pine Tar, Goombay, Crescendo, Rockstar, El Jefe, Grape Cream Cake, Gloss Boss, Lime, Pine Tar, Goombay, Crescendo, Donnie Burger, STZ X Tahoe OG, GMO (Full Spec), GMO, Sour Dubb, Slymer X FPOG, Divine Mints, Sugar Shack, Russian Stomper, Papaya Power #3 (@Kind_Selections), Russian Stomper (&Kind_Selections), Sour D, Cake Fuel, Sticky Papaya, Slapper, Jelly Breath, Sticky Papaya (Best Batch), Slymer X Fruity Pebbles, Chem Cookies (@HumbleGardens), Black Maple, Coffee Creamer, Melted Strawberries


  1. geo.vidovic (verified owner)

    -Melted Strawberries
    Like walking through a ripe strawberry patch that was lit on fire with supreme unleaded fuel. Colour is an off white and slightly crumbly texture without crumbling – easy to pic dabs off and not have delicious flakes fall off. The smell is a treat in itself just to open the lid and getting a loud smell…as described above -fuel with a whiff of strawberries. The dab hits hard and is delicious…enter creativity and calmness. First time trying Wash HashCo and they lived up to their rep….great product!
    -Fried Eggs from Hamilton

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