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Han Solo Burger, Grape Guava, Drago, Papaya OG, Tallyman, Mango Drago, GMO, Sour San Souci (Slurmmm Collab), Space Guavaz (Slurmmm Collab), Papaya Cake, Papaya BX, Face Off OG, Guava Cake, Frosted Fruit Cake, Watermelon Pink Diesel, Z-Fritter, Purple Marmalade, White Truffle, Pie Dough, Spicy Drago, Ice Cream Animal, Strawberry Guava, GMO, Super Runtz, Drago, Papaya Cake, Beach Wedding, Peel Out, GuavaMon (Second Place @ Heady Happenings), Capjunky, Platinum Kush Mints, Banana Cream Jealousy, Honey Bananas, Black Cherry, Papaya BX (Old Wrap), Alderpont Sour Diesel, Platinum Drago Mints, Skunk Marker (1 gram), Brain Stain (1 gram), Banana Conda (Highly Recommend), Papaya BX (Full Term), Chauffeurs, Black Maple, Poochies Papaya, Grapes N Cream, Rough Neck, Papaya RUNTZ, Grape Gas (Highly Recommend), Moroccan Peaches (Highly Recommend), Honey Bunny, Gas Leak, Black Maple (@wash_co collab), High Fructose Corn Syrup, The Frizzy, Battery Licker, Brain Stain


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