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Lemon Cherry Gelato, OG Cookies (@cleanermeds), Rose Gold Runtz (@tunaaaa_room), Red Pop, Knockout Runtz, Gary Payton, Mongo #4, Gary Payton, Cherry Peppers X Hollywood Lemons, Frosted Fruit Cake, Jealousy X Kush Mints, Cherry Panic Attack, Afghani Bullrider, Banana Punch, Glazed Donut, Grape Panna Cotta #5, Lemon Tree/Sour Animal Cookies (@Cleanermedsfamily), My Boy Blue, Apple Fritter, Lemon Biscotti, Ice Cream Cake, Mongo #3, Gas Truffle, Wedding Cake X Afghani Bullrider, Kush Blend, Oz Kush, Gas Mask, Flawing Victory, Tom Ford Pink, Bluewood, Super Lemon Haze, NYC Chem, Gold Drops (@Pineapple_Reserve), Truffle Pig, Shitface, Gas Cream Cake, Gelatti, SHERB-o, Truffle Pig/Z-Fire, SHERB-O/SHERB dough, Bluenana (@tunaaaa_room), Bop Gun (@Ruutzroz), Jealousy X Grape Gas, Pave, Dante’s Inferno, Glitter Bomb, Cap Junky, Pink Cartz, Sherba Breath, Sour Animal Cookies (@cleanermeds), Yuck Mouth, Pink Certz


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