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Pink Lady, 11-Week Pink, Pineapple Express, Wedding Cake, Blunicorn, Pink SKYWALKER, GMO, Gas Mask, Familiar Funk, Wu Sa, Lemon OG, Violator X Blue Dream, Skookum, Blue Violator


  1. Nicholas Theodoropoulos (verified owner)

    First time trying captains pink and it was a really nice smoke. Gas mask was terpy

  2. markg_493 (verified owner)

    Terpy and potent, order both Blunicorn and GMO. Immediately ordered a 7g jar after.

  3. polyfox (verified owner)

    Full of terps the gas mask was amazing right before bed.

  4. Premeguy (verified owner)

    Gas mask was tasty and good for bed

  5. daviddub (verified owner)

    Sky cake and GMO instantly made me want to order a baller jar! Excellent terps

  6. James (verified owner)

    pretty awesome for inexpensive resin…do it. Im getting more,

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