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– Aim to pre-heat for 5-10 seconds on cold starts

– The sweet spot with the yocan pro os 2.0-2.2 volts

– Avoid using your battery with low charge >25%


  1. miasmiccrab (verified owner)

    If you have anxiety, depression, or severe stress, then stock up on this delicious Sweet Pink Grapefruit. It is the most effective strain that I’ve come across for these problems and I have fairly extreme cases of each. No pharmaceutical solutions exist for me. Thankfully cannabis takes care of it most of the time.

    You can safely toke it day or night without it interfering in daily life or getting to sleep. Very uplifting, motivating, relaxing, and euphoric.

    That grapefruit smell of the cartridge before you hit it is an exquisite noseful of straight up GRAPEFRUIT 😀 I loooove this strain and this cart! Ganja Wise is a company to keep your eye on. Try their Sagan’s Dragon for another excellent, productive daytime sativa-dom hybrid with a perfect degree of relaxation to balance it out. It also has an absolutely incredible aroma. I rarely care about the aesthetic aspects, but both of these are just mind blowing, top shelf examples.

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