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Z Face by Paid by Pounds

Z Face is a hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Zkittles x FaceOff OG. This batch of Z Face by Paid by Pounds is a great pickup for anyone who’s a fan of their high quality buds!

The bag appeal is very nice out of the jar. This batch of Z Face has a bright and inviting colour palette. Brightly coloured lime green buds have darker green sugar leaves and is littered with rusty orange pistils. The buds are chunky and stacked to the max with dense boulders that make up the buds.

The aromas from this Z Face is mostly leaning on the FaceOff OG side. When you put your nose to the jar you get sweet fruitiness mixed with a classic dank kush aroma. Pine, gas and , liquorice, and spice make up the majority of its terpene profile. The aromas are more pronounced once the bud is ground up.

The smoke is smooth as can be with this batch. The joint burns slow and evenly with an oil ring that builds within the first couple of tokes. Classic kush flavour on the inhale with a piney gassy overtone. The exhale is an earthy wood that lingers on your tongue.

The effects come on quick and strong with this strain. This Z Face has a very uplifting start to its high. Negative thoughts and energy are instantly wiped out and you’re left with a positive cerebral high that invigorates the mind. Music sounds better, art looks cooler and just an all around mood booster. Pressure builds behind the eyes and your limbs start getting heavy with a mild body buzz. A nice indica lean to finish the high and can definitely send you into couch lock with heavier doses. This strain is perfect for daytime and evening use.


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