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Xeno by Green Camel

Xeno is an exciting new strain created by crossing Zkittles x Kush Mints. This batch by Green Camel is big in funky flavour in combination with potent effects make it a desirable pickup.

The bag appeal out of the jar is A+ with this batch of Xeno. Buds have a nice layer of frosty trichomes on them giving it an appealing look right away. Light olive green buds with darker green sugar leaves have light orange hairs that peel out from all corners of the buds dense structure. The cure seems dry at first but once you break into a bud there is a perfect level of moisture and decent stickiness.

The nose on this Xeno is super satisfying. Funky notes of sour apple, grapefruit, diesel, menthol and sweet tangerines fill up the room when you crack open a jar of Xeno. This batch is loud and gets louder once you break it up. Really great job on bringing out the terps on this one Green Camel.

Smoke is super smooth with a creamy, thick and expanding smoke. The ash burns clean white along with a thick oil ring. Flavourful draws the whole joint with big funky fruit flavours on the inhale and a gassy menthol finish.

The effects come on strong with this batch of Xeno. Within the first couple of puffs you’re hit with a euphoric head high that wipes away negativity and bad moods. Pressure builds behind the eyes and you’re eased into a relaxed state that encourages rest and recovery.

Perfect night time strain for those looking to finish the night strong. This batch of Xeno is especially strong and will satisfy smokers looking for the potent stuff!


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