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White Truffle is a beautiful indica hybrid created by crossing Peanut Butter Breath x Gorilla Glue. The result is a strain that has out of this world bag appeal and great flavour to go along with it. The parent strains really come together beautifully on this cut and it hits the marks both for looks and potency.

Bag appeal is top notch on this batch of White Truffle. True to its name, the buds are reminiscent of actual white truffles. Dark coloured buds made up of mid greens, light and dark purples which are completely entrenched in a thick layer of white crystals. Bright orange hairs are visible between the crevices of the bud. The caked on resin is truly a sight to appreciate for any connoisseur.

The aromas from this strain come together wonderfully and keep you coming back for more. Deep pungent aromas of pine, black pepper, spice, earthy mushroom, and wood. Wonderful aromas that you don’t get tired of. Can be the type of bud that’s a daily smoker.

Thick billowing clouds of smoke are emitted from this White Truffle. The smoke is thick and flavourful with a dry woody finish. The inhale is of pine, citrus and fresh foresty scent. Really nice smoke sessions with this strain.

Effects come on quite balanced at first and then eased into a medium bodied indica buzz. This White Truffle is potent enough to leave you medicated but balanced enough to allow for functionality. Perfect for a daytime or evening smoke. Too much will lean towards the indica side of things. Dose at your own discretion but White Truffle is super enjoyable in most settings.

The Captain did a fantastic job with this run and it’s a great pickup for any indica smoker looking for a day time option!


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