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Khalifa Mints X Grape Gasoline

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Violet Fog by Headwater

Violet Fog is an indica leaning hybrid created by crossing Grape Gasoline x Khalifa Mints that lives up to its hype. It’s an exciting new strain that has many awesome phenos. This particular one boasts big grape soda and minty diesel flavours. Strong effects and beautiful visuals make it a knock out grab for any true connoisseurs. This batch by Headwater is top notch!

Bag appeal is 10/10 with this batch of Violet Fog. Beautifully trimmed and fully stacked buds are completely iced out. Big bold dark and light purples make up the buds’ colour. Complimenting dark greens lend to its palette. Long, dark orange hairs hug the buds crevices inside and out.

The aromas from this Violet Fog are grape soda, sweet berries, gas, pine and menthol. Amazing flavour combo that is loud and sweet. Such a great flavour that translates beautifully through the smoke.

The smoke is potent and expands deeply in the lungs. Big grape flavour on the inhale and a gassy menthol exhale make it such an enjoyable smoke. Great flavour profile on this batch thanks to its great cure.

The cure is perfect and the buds are sticky to the touch. The effects come on smooth and it’s a balanced high that is in between a warm body hugging buzz along with a cerebral head high that encourages happy vibes and creativity.

If you were a fan of Khalifa mints this is a great cross from a Grape Gasoline parent that has boasted big flavour if you’ve had the pleasure of trying it. A huge recommendation on this cut by Headwater!


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