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Vanilla Lemon Heads by CleanerMeds

Vanilla Lemon Heads by CleanerMeds is some serious top shelf bud! An indica leaning hybrid with a strong citrus flavour profile and potent balanced effects.

The bag appeal is excellent with this batch of Vanilla Lemon Heads. Super bright buds give positive energy to the room you’re in right away. Light green buds are completely caked in a layer of frosty crystals. Darker green sugar come out from its crevices. Short dark amber hairs are evident throughout the bud. The buds are cured to perfection with a little give when squished. Still a very fresh batch. Very chunky and stacked structure on this bud.

The smell… is absolutely amazing. Open a jar of this Vanilla Lemon Heads and you’re smacked with aromas of sweet tangerines, spice, pine, creamy vanilla, sweet berry and a long lingering tart lemon aroma. This terpene profile is bright and colourful. Really uplifts you from the smell alone.

The smoke is super smooth and potent. The ash burns clean with a salt and pepper look. A thick and heavy oil ring builds fast. No scratchiness or harshness on this batch. Pure tart lemon flavours on the inhale and an earthy, creamy vanilla exhale that balances things out. Hints of OG flavours come through as well. Excellent smoking experience with this strain.

The effects are quite balanced to start. A nice cerebral head high that uplifts and wipes away negative vibes. A body buzz builds slowly and you’re left on the more indica side of things once the high settles down. Great for wake and bakes for experienced smokers. Or an excellent choice for afternoons and early evenings for anyone else.

An excellent batch of Vanilla Lemon Heads by CleanerMeds! Great pickup for those who love terpy strains that also pack a punch.


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