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Trop Skittlez by Captains Pink

Tropical Skittlez is an exciting indica dominant strain created by crossing Tropicana Cookies x Forbidden Skittlez. This batch by Captains Pink offers beautiful top shelf looking buds paired with an invigorating nose and potent high!

The bag appeal is excellent on this Trop Skittlez. Out of the bag the appeal is up there with a high end exotic look. Deep purple buds mix with mid forest greens. Long rusty orange coloured pistils are also present. Trichome coverage is excellent both inside and outside of the bud. The buds are quite dense with a bit of squish when squeezed.

The nose on this batch of Trop Skittlez is loud and pungent. You’re hit with loud fruity cake terps that mellow out to a funky creaminess. Absolutely invigorating aroma that keeps you diving back into the jar with your nose. Give it a good long sniff and you’ll pickup notes of funk, exotic fruit, citrus, fruit candy, earth and a slight gas undertone that holds it together perfectly.

The smoke is flavourful with each hit on this Trop Skittlez. Big time fruity cake terps blend with a citrus funk and earthiness. Excellent flavour profile that packs big flavour and an undeniable smoothness.

The effects are quite relaxed and balanced to start. The high starts to take on a heavier indica feel as it builds. Within a short time you’re left with a nice body buzz that pairs with a euphoric and relaxed head high that wipes away overthinking.

This batch of Trop Skittles is highly recommended for indica lovers who love fruit and cake terps. This batch is exceptionally tasty with a super creamy profile. Excellent batch of Trop Skittlez by Captains Pink!


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