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Temple Zkittles by The Drip

Temple Zkittles is a strong indica hybrid created by crossing Temple Kush x Zkittles strains. This cut by The Drip brings excellent bud structure paired with some potent effects makes it a must try for indica lovers!

The bag appeal is excellent with these Temple Zkittles buds. Mid green buds have hints of light purple running through them. Short peach coloured hairs are abundant and hug the buds from all its cracks and crevices. The buds are iced out in a greasy layer of trichomes. Excellent manicure job on these buds are evident with how much care went into these buds from start to finish.

The aromas from this batch of Temple Zkittles is fruity with an accent on grape soda and a creamy gas that lingers. Hints of spice, pine, skunk and rotten fruit adds to its pungent aroma once busted up.

The smoke is medium bodied and packs a punch with each hit. Nice notes of pine and cream on the inhale with a spicy wood exhale. The joint burns nicely with a clean ash on this one.

The effects are quick acting and relaxed your whole body within the first couple of tokes. Nice pressure behind the eyes builds into a full body indica buzz that seems to stay around for a while. Really great for movie nights and unwinding in the evening. Sets off the munchies and gets you super relaxed without a heavy couch lock effect. Really good job by The Drip on this strain with its potent and long lasting effects.


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