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Sunset Sherbert by 39 Green

Sunset Sherbert is a beautiful indica dominant strain created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties strains. This batch by 39Green offers loud terps paired with clean and potent effects.

Bag appeal is excellent with this batch of Sunset Sherb. Buds are dense with a bit of squish when pressed between the fingers. Greasy resinous buds have a pleasant stickiness to them. The forest green buds have short orange hairs scattered through the bud.

The terpene profile is super sweet and dandy from this Sunset Sherbert. When you crack open the jar you get loud notes of sweet dough, candy gas, funk, floral and skunk. Some spicy black pepper comes through as well.

The smoke is heavy bodied and thick. Potent with each hit and packs a punch in the lungs. Smooth with no harshness but don’t be surprised if you cough, each hit is potent. Beautiful flavours of sweet fruit, dough, funk and candy gas comes through on the inhale with an earthy skunk exhale. Super nice smoking experience with this strain.

The effects last long and come in hard. You’re lifted with a euphoric head high that eases tension before settling into a body buzz that leaves you calm and relaxed. Nice sedative buzz that doesn’t leave you burned out. Excellent afternoon or evening weed with this strain.

This batch of Sunset Sherb is loud, clean and potent. A very good pickup for gas lovers that need a pick me up for earlier in the day without that knockout feeling. Excellent grow by 39Green!


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