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Sour D x White OG by RainCityFarms

This amazing and one of a kind cross of Sour Diesel x White OG by Raincity Farms is absolutely banging! Complex flavours paired with clean and potent effects that keep you coming back for more. This is a balanced hybrid that hits hard and smooth!

The bag appeal grabs your attention as soon as you set your eyes on these beautiful buds. Light lime green buds have darker sugar leaves and light orange hairs that are barely visible through its thick caked on resin. The buds have taken kindly to its White OG parent, showing off buds so resinous they almost glisten white under a light.

The aromas are quite the treat from this batch. Super deep flavours come out as soon as you grind the buds. Notes of sour citrus, sweet diesel, skunk, pine, and liquorice come through.

The smoke is super smooth and has no harshness at all. The ash burns clean and it develops an oil ring within a few pulls. You get sour citrus and sweet fruity skunk on the inhale and a dank OG terp finish.

The effects are very balanced and can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Excellent wake and bake weed for the veteran smoker. This bud definitely is still potent but it’s invigorating cerebral high evens out with a mild bodied indica buzz that keeps you functional but chill. This batch of Sour D x White OG is an excellent choice for Sativa lovers who want a bit of relaxation in the mix.


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