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Shady Sherbtarts by The Drip

Shady Sherbtarts is a tasty and exciting hybrid created by crossing Your Highness x Lemon Icee strains. This batch by The Drip is a must try for all cannabis connoisseurs!

The bag appeal is stunning out of the jar. Dark and deep forest greens mix with deep dark purples, almost black that make up the buds’ colour. Dark brown hairs are straggly and whispy. The dense buds are cured to perfection with a layer of glistening trichomes. Really unique and exotic colour palette on these buds. When you bust down the buds you get to feel how sticky and resinous the buds are.

The smells that come off this Shady Sherbert are bright and dank at the same time. When you put your nose to the jar you get notes of sweet berries, citrus, cream, sweet gas, funk and spice.

The smoke is thick bodied, flavourful and potent with each draw. Amazing flavour profile that shines through nicely on the smoke. On the inhale, sweet ripe berries mixed with a spicy funk and an earthy sweet gas finish that lingers on the tongue. The joint burns super slow with a thick oil ring that builds immediately upon sparking the joint.

The effects are strong but very functional with this strain. An initial heavy euphoric head high eases into a mellow and relaxing body buzz. Thoughts are slowed and your mood is lifted. A excellent choice for day time and early evening use.


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