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Secret Mints by Shanghai Gardens

Secret Mints is an instant classic amongst cannabis connoisseurs that packs great hybrid effects. Secret Mints is the cross of Kush Mints x Secret Cookies strains. You can bet on big flavour and effects with these winning parent strains.

The buds have great bag appeal on this batch of Secret Mints. Big, long buds have a chunky boulder like structure. It’s got a mix of light and dark greens along with peach like hue. Hints of lavender are present along with short light orange hairs. Buds are super dense and cured to a perfect level of humidity for smoking. Preserve its terps and avoid drying further by throwing it in with some humidity packs. This jar probably won’t last long enough to worry!

The nose on this batch has a deep sweet and creamy gas aroma that is paired with menthol and cookie dough. You also get hints of funky cheese and sharp pine once you grind it up. Decent nose and terpene level on this batch by Shanghai Gardens.

The smoke is medium bodied and the taste is enjoyable. Big kush mints vibes for the first half of the joint and you get cookies flavours coming in later. Nice flavour profile for anyone who enjoys kush mint variations. Ash burns clean salt and pepper. The smoke is smooth all the way to the end of the joint.

The effects from this batch of Secret Mints has a balanced hybrid quality to it. Euphoric head high comes on smooth and lifts you up. A medium body buzz builds simultaneously and you end up with a satisfying head and body high that just seems to sit perfectly in harmony.

Secret Mints by Shanghai Gardens is perfect for afternoon and evening use. Dose accordingly and you can use it for functionality or use it to wind down and relax.


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