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Runtz Punch by Enigma Extracts

Runtz Punch is an exotic indica hybrid created by crossing legendary strains Zkittles x Gelato x Fruit Punch. This batch from Enigma is a great example of this strains high potential in flavour and effects.

The bag appeal is stunning on this cut of Runtz Punch. A beautiful melange of forest greens mixed with olive greens and thin amber hairs. Once you break into the bud you get to see hints of lavendar. The buds are caked out with a thick layer of resin. The buds are dense and have a crispy cure to them.

The aromas are sweet, fruity, gassy and super inviting with this Runtz Punch. Notes of spice, pine, cake, funk, blackberries, citrus, cream, liquorice and a sweet gas overtone that punches through. Pungent kush aromas paired with a sweet exotic fruits make for an irresistible profile for any true cannabis connoisseur.

The smoke is smooth and enjoyable with this Runtz Punch. Big creamy kush flavours on the inhale with a cakey exotic fruit finish. The joint burns slow with an evident oil ring that starts within the first few puffs. Really nice cure on this batch that allows for big flavourful draws that pack a punch through the whole joint.

The effects are balanced to start with a nice uplifting euphoric buzz. A full deep body sedation kicks in with a mild couch lock. The high builds and peaks at around 30-45 minutes. Nice long lasting effects with this Runtz Punch. This is an excellent choice for afternoon and evening sessions. Medium bodied indica effects that wont put you to sleep right away. Excellent batch of Runtz Punch by Enigma!


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