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Nepali OG x Snow Lotus x Skunk


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Calling all OG lovers – this OG kush cut slaps so hard and is an undeniable treat grown by Poncho Farms. Roji OG is a cross of Nepali OG x Snow Lotus x Skunk. This batch hit all the check marks and is a heavy hitter for any cannabis OG that’s been smokin’ OG for years. Deep familiar flavours along with a perfect cure that translate to the flavourful potent smoke. Excellent grab for any OG connoisseur.

The bag appeal is absolutely stunning on this Roji OG. Beautiful tight buds are perfectly manicured. Stacked, tight bud structure has beautiful and unique fox-tailing characteristics. The buds are light green in colour with light and deep lavenders blended throughout the buds. Light orange hairs are long and straggly. A glistening layer of full headed trichomes cover the sticky buds.

Deep OG aromas that break down to notes of loud diesel, earth, sour citrus, spice and green tea. Straight OG gas with deep undertones sweet pine and diesel.

The cure is immaculate on this batch and translates flavour beautifully through the smoke. Thick billowing clouds of smoke fill your lungs and are full of that dank OG flavour. A nice oil ring forms on the joint and the ash burns clean.

Effects come on quickly and hit like a truck. Eyes get heavy quick and your body is treated to a narcotic like high. Inevitable munchies and a nap is a perfect schedule for this Roji OG.

Great indica choice for evening and night time use. A knockout in terms of effects and potency.


7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams, 112 grams


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