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Rocket Bunny by Prohibition Farms

Rocket Bunny is a beautiful hybrid strain grown expertly by Prohibition Farms. This strain is a great pickup for cannabis connoisseurs looking for top shelf new strains to try out!

Bag appeal is excellent on this Rocket Bunny. Mid and darker forest greens mix with dark amber hairs to make up the buds colour palette. A glistening layer of trichomes covers the buds interior and exterior. The buds have a dense and compact feel with a bit of sponginess when squished. Nice moisture level on this cure leaves the buds sticky and ready to smoke!

The aromas that come off this Rocket Bunny are pungent, spicy and dank! Well rounded familiar kush aromas paired with some added accents. When you break up the bud you get pungent notes of pine, spice, floral, earth, lemon pinesol, liquorice, gas and a hint of sweet tropical fruit. The lemon pinesol aromas really come through nicely with a sharp nose.

The smoke tastes like it smells and that’s a wonderful trait! Intense pine and lemon inhale with a dank kush aftertaste that lingers on your tongue. Really sharp lemon pine taste will satisfy those that love this kind of terpene profile!


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