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LSO Rainbow Driver by Poncho Farms

Rainbow Driver is an indica dominant hybrid created by crossing Zkittles x Sundae Driver strains. This living soil organic batch by Poncho hits all the marks for some serious top shelf smoke!

The bag appeal is absolutely beautiful on this LSO Rainbow Driver. Poncho delivers with this batch of perfectly grown and cured Rainbow Driver. Buds are rounded in shape with a perfect trim job. The buds are bright olive green with an abundance of dark orange pistils. A layer of shiny trichomes absolutely caked on the buds’ dense and compact structure make it a beauty to look at.

The terpene profile is sweet, floral and gassy with this strain. When you put your nose to the jar you get notes of sweet tangerines, fruit candy drops, lemon, berries, spice, funk, vanilla and a gassy overtone. Super fragrant and very nice smelling mixture of aromas. This strain is great for those who love fruity gas terps.

The smoke on this LSO Rainbow Driver is smooth as hell and packs great flavour with each draw. The joint burns perfectly with a clean ash and evident resin ring within the first couple of puffs. The aromas translate beautifully to the smoke with loud flavour that’s full of tangerines, cream, gas and funk.

The effects come on quick and are uplifting and relaxing to begin with. A solid body buzz takes over as your mind is freed of thoughts as it takes on a spacey head high. The mellow and relaxing indica effects have a lasting effect and will linger for hours. Awesome choice for evening and night time sessions!


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