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Purple Space Cookies by Captains Pink

Purple Space Cookies is a strong indica hybrid created by crossing classics Durban Poison x Girl Scout Cookies. This batch by the Captain is top notch and should not be passed over by any true connoisseur!

The bag appeal is out of this world on this batch of Purple Space cookies. The buds are immaculately handled and the buds visual quality speaks for itself. Dark set purple and green buds are completely covered in a thick greasy layer of resin. These caked buds have short orange hairs that come out from its crevices. The chunky and super stacked bud structure show some nice fox tailing as well. Some serious top shelf looking indica.

The smell… very very loud. You’re hit with a pungent grape gasoline mixed with funky dough flavours. So much complexity and deep flavours on this batch. You get big notes of heavy gas, grape, spice, pine, dough, sweet berry and flowers. The aromas get loud and more pronounced when ground up and it fills up any room you’re in.

The smoke is potent and smooth. Big grape flavour along with a greasy gas taste on the inhale. The exhale is that of sweet grapes, cream and dough. Super satisfying smoking experience.

The cure is perfect on this batch. Buds are ready to be smoked and need no further work in jars or curing. Once you break up the buds you realize how sticky the buds are. Amazing quality. The effects come on fast and lift you up for a bit before dropping you to a full body indica buzz. Classic couch lock state with an unfocused head high that leaves you relaxed and hazy.

Perfect night time smoke for those looking for strong cannabis. This batch of Purple Space Cookies is a knockout for any real indica smoker.


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