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Puffo Gelato by Paid by Pounds

Puffo Gelato is a top shelf indica hybrid created by crossing Blue Sherbert x French Toast strains. Paid by Pounds did an excellent job with this fire drop!

Puffo Gelato has a beautiful top shelf bag appeal upon first glance. Deep forest green buds have a thick layer of creamy trichomes that completely entrench the buds inside and out. The glistening buds’ trim job is perfect showing no extra sugar leaves or stem. The bud has a rock hard denseness and a crispy cure. When you break open the buds you get hints of purple and lavender. Short bright amber hairs complete the package to its top shelf look.

When you crack open the jar of Puffo Gelato you’re hit with a refreshing sweet blueberry aroma mixed with vanilla cake and a sweet dank gas undertone. Really nice and inviting aromas that still carry a heavy dankness which is more prevalent once the bud is ground up. Once ground up you get more of a sweet and creamy gelato funk that has a bit of spicy dank mixed in there. Super complex terpene profile.

The smoke on this Puffo Gelato is flavourful and potent. Each draw invites beautiful creamy gelato terps on the inhale with a musky woody earth finish. Flavours of gas, sweet fruit and funk come through as well. The ash burns super clean on this batch and the joint burns super slow with a greasy oil ring.

The effects are definitely indica leaning on this hybrid with just a bit of a mild euphoric head rush to start before settling into a mellow and sedative like stone. Not super heavy couch lock with this strain but it’ll definitely have you relaxed and spacing out. Perfect choice for evenings and nights.

Paid by Pounds did an excellent job with this strain. A great pickup for any Indica connoisseur!


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