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Pink Rhino by Captains Pink

Pink Rhino is a hard hitting and flavourful indica hybrid created by crossing White Rhino x Pink Kush strains. This batch by Captains Pink is loud on the nose and has a pleasing fresh stickiness to it!

The bag appeal is excellent on this Pink Rhino. The buds are fully developed with a dense yet crispy cure. The buds have maintained a spongey stickiness to them that is really nice when you pick these buds up. A thick layer of sticky trichomes can’t be ignored when you look at these magnificent buds. Mid to dark forest green buds are packed with rusty coloured pistils and has bright and dark purples running throughout.

The aromas hit you in the face as soon as you open the jar. Loud notes of sweet kush mixed with a heavy spiciness that that lends hand to a heavy skunk stench. When you put your nose for a good whiff you get aromas of pine, clove, black pepper, liquorice, sweet gas, skunk and a hint of citrus.

The smoke on this Pink Rhino is thick bodied and packs a punch. Each hit delivers classic kush flavours paired with a heavy sweet skunk aroma. On the exhale you get a pleasant woodsy earth taste.

Effects from Pink Rhino starts to build within the first couple of draws. Pressure behind the eyes turns into a heavy body buzz that oozes down your whole body. Your mind is wiped clean of thoughts and you’re left in a relaxed and care free state. The almost pure indica lineage shows in its heavy indica effects without any anxiety or racey head high. Excellent choice for evening and night time use.


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