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Pink Kamikaze by Captains Pink

This batch of Pink Kamikaze by Captains Pink is straight fire! Absolute must have for all gas lovers and those looking for the strongest indica strains around! The Captain delivers with this Pink Kamikaze.

Bag appeal is A+. Buds are iced out. Mid to dark green color with a blue and purple tint. Once broken up you see a lot more purple. Long dark orange hairs poke out. Super chunky and stacked bud structure. The buds are dense but has some give when squished. The buds have a crispy cure. Once broken you get to feel how sticky and resinous they are. Your fingers become greased up and sticky!

The terpene profile on this Pink Kamikaze is straight gas! You get deep pungent aromas of heavy gas, pine, spice, floral and a lemony finish. Some of the best Pink Kush aromas come out in this pheno.

The smoke is potent and expands deeply in the lungs. No scratchiness but it can make you cough from how strong and potent each draw is. Big pink kush flavour on the inhale. Gas gas gas. Pine and lemon exhale. The dank taste lingers in your mouth. Ash burns clean grey with a heavy oil ring right away.

The effects are heavy and narcotic like. Sedative indica effects that knocks you out after a serious munchies session. Classic indica effects with a more potent than usual delivery. Night time smoke for sure.

This batch of Pink Kamikaze by the Captain is an absolute banger. Awesome indica grab for any Pink Kush fan!


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