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Pink Comatose by Captains Pink

Who else to go to for Pinks other than the Captain himself? Pink Comatose is a heavy indica strain created by crossing Pink Kush pheno x Comatose OG. This run by Captainspink is 10/10 and a solid pickup for gas lovers.

Bag appeal is absolutely banging on this batch of Pink Comatose. These iced out buds are almost silver in color due to the amount of crystals covering the bud. Deep dark lavender buds have a bit of mid and dark greens. Short dark amber hairs add to its beauty. Super dense cure that busts up into a sticky fluffy mass ready to roll. Nice fox-tailing characteristics on this cut adds to its exotic looking appearance.

The terpene profile matches that of a top shelf indica gas. Loud notes of expected pine, gas, skunk, earth, and spice. The pink terps absolutely pierce your senses and fills up any room you’re in with its dank aroma. Excellent sweet gassy terps that are so pungent.

The smoke is thick and potent. Each hit has big flavours of gas and pine come through on the inhale. The exhale is a floral earth dankness that lingers in your mouth. Super greasy resinous smoke that sticks to your mouth. Delicious and very satisfying smoking experience with this Pink Coma.

The effects are heavy and narcotic like. Wipe your schedule clean, this bud won’t allow for much functionality. Excellent for those looking for heavy medicinal values in cannabis. Within a few puffs you’re eased into a narcotic like high that leaves you sedated and relaxed. Munchies and a snooze are sure to follow with heavier dosage.

This batch of Pink Comatose is a must have for gas lovers. This is a top notch run by Captainspink and will be one of the most solid indicas in any rotation.


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