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Pink Caviar by Captains Pink

Pink Caviar is a beautiful and powerful pure indica created by crossing Caviar x Pink Kush. This batch of Pink Caviar grown by the Captain is some top shelf indica flower!

Bag appeal on this Pink Caviar is stunning. If you’re a gas lover this batch will set you on the right foot. Spade shaped buds are laced with a heavy layer of greasy sticky resin. The buds are iced out with crystals and glisten under a light. Deep forest greens blend with purple hues and dark amber hairs. Beautiful fox-tailing characteristics add to its beauty. The cure is perfect leaving the buds super dense with a pleasing stickiness.

The aromas are pure heavy gas with this cut of Pink Caviar. Loud notes of sweet diesel, skunk, floral, spice, liquorice and clove. The pungent aromas get even louder once ground up accenting its spicy pink kush aroma that punches through.

The smoke is excellent on this Pink Caviar. Joints burn slow and evenly with a resin ring that builds instantly. Each hit is potent and flavourful. Strong sweet diesel and floral notes that blend nicely with each inhale. The exhale leaves a piney, skunky stink that satisfies the palette.

The effects are heavy and relaxing with this Pink Caviar. An excellent indica that delivers the effects any experienced smoker is looking for. Pressure builds behind the eyes and a narcotic like body buzz moves through your whole body. Your mind is wiped clean of negative thoughts and left in a worry free state. Absolutely perfect for evening and night time use. Lighter doses during the day would work for the experienced smoker looking for heavy medical qualities in the day time.

Another excellent Pink pheno from the Captain. Absolutely a top shelf example of what high quality indicas should embody.


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