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Permanent Marker by Prohibition Farms

Permanent Marker bred by Seed Junky Genetics is a top shelf new hybrid created by crossing Biscotti x Jealousy x Sherb Bx. This strain boasts intense tropical fruit flavours paired with uplifting and heavy handed effects! Excellent batch of Permanent Marker by Prohibition Farms!

Bag appeal is beautiful on these Permanent Marker buds. Mid green buds have a blue tinge and sparse dark orange hairs that make up its look. A glistening layer of trichomes covers the buds spade shaped and chunky structure. The buds are cured to a crispy consistency with a very dense texture.

The aromas on this Permanent Marker is the standout on this strain. Big pungent flavours fill the room as soon as you open the jar. Amazing aromas of sweet papaya, cream, sour citrus, funk, a hint of garlic, diesel and dough. Mouth watering aromas that get you excited for the smoke!

The smoke is fruity, gassy and funky all at the same time. Amazing flavour profile translates beautifully to the smoke. Smooth and creamy hits with each draw that packs potency which expands nicely in the lungs without any harshness. The joint burns perfectly with a greasy resin ring and clean ash.

The effects are uplifting and energetic to start with a nice mellow feeling to even things out. Very clean and potent feeling high that is great for daytime sessions or getting things done. Small doses are perfect for social situations and doing chores! Heavier doses can expect a bit of a heavier indica buzz toward the end of the high. This strain will not knock out the experienced smoker making it an excellent day time choice!


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