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Passout Pink by Captains Pink

Passout Pink by Captains Pink is a west coast favourite and most likely created by crossing Pink and OG Kush phenos. This cut by the Captain is big on strong effects and sure to satisfy gas lovers.

Bag appeal is very nice on this Passout Pink. Chunky, full-bodied buds are dense to the touch with a spongey squishiness. The buds have a pleasing greasy touch and covered in a layer of white resin. The buds have an array of colours ranging from light to mid greens and purples. The sugar leaves are dark purple and straggly rusty orange coloured pistils add to its beauty.

The aromas as soon as you crack open the jar is loud pink kush vibes that puncture your senses. Sharp pine and citrus mixed perfectly with a sweet fruitiness. Spice and herbal terpenes shine through and blend perfectly with its sharp kush profile. Hints of skunk and floral also come through once the buds are ground up. Excellent pink kush terps from this Passout Pink.

The smoke packs a punch in the lungs and each hit brings big kush flavour along with big kush effects. The smoke expands nicely in the lungs and the joint burns slowly. Nice salt and pepper ash on this batch. A greasy resin ring builds within a few puffs.

The effects are heavy and expected with this Passout Pink. A few puffs in and your mind is eased of all negativity and stress. A heavy, sedative Indica buzz kicks in and sets you into a relaxed couch lock state. An excellent choice for evening and night time use.

This strain is definitely strong and recommended for experienced Indica smokers. Another top shelf heavy indica from Captainspink!


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