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Organic Sour Jamaican Lime by Terpy Vibes

Sour Jamaican Lime is an indica hybrid strain created by crossing Lime Light x Santa Cruz OG. This cut by Terpy Vibes is a top shelf example of a strain we haven’t seen too much of on the market. This batch is potent and grown to perfection.

The bag appeal on this batch of Sour Jamaican Lime is absolutely banging. On first glance the tight finger like buds are absolutely caked in a thick layer of greasy trichomes. The buds are light lime green with forest green sugar leaves. Dark and straggly dark orange hairs hug the buds. When you crack open the nug you see beautiful violet colouring throughout the nugs interior. There is a pleasing stickiness to the buds that have a dense yet spongey texture.

The aromas on this Sour Jamaican lime are nose piercing and will give a zing to your nostrils. A beautiful bright melange of sour citrus, bright limes, black pepper, spice, liquorice, pine and sweet diesel blend perfectly.

The smoke is thick and creamy with each hit. Big notes of sour limes and gas come through with classic kush vibes. Very nice OG profile on this cut that really allows for its other flavours to shine through. Throughout the joint hints of spice and earth come through nicely.

The effects start off with an invigorating head high that scatters your mind and leaves you in a stress free mellow stoney state. A sedative body buzz takes over. Very nice duration on the high with this batch. A higher dose will definitely lead to couch lock and a nap.

Organic Sour Jamaican Lime by Terpy Vibes is excellent for evening or night time use. Terpy Vibes did a bang on job with this strain!


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