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My Little Pony by The Drip

My Little Pony is a powerful and top shelf indica strain grown by The Drip. Top shelf buds is what we expect from this cultivar and they did not disappoint with this batch of My Little Pony!

Bag appeal is beautiful on this batch of My Little Pony. Spade shaped buds have beautiful fox tailing characteristics along with a heavily stacked structure. A melange of deep forest greens and lighter greens have short orange pistils and come in and out of its crevices. The buds have a glistening layer of resin on them and is pretty heavily caked on. The cure is perfect on these buds leaving a dense and compact nugs that still have a perfect stickiness to them once ground up.

The aromas are deep and dank with this strain. When you crack open the jar you expect fruity terps with a name like this. Instead you’re hit with pungent notes of earth, pine, cloves, spice, lemon, skunk and gas. Very classic kush scent with an added pungent dank aroma that permeates the room you’re in. Super loud notes get even louder as the bud is broken down.

The smoke is just as it smells. Big earthy kush flavour that accents on pine, skunk and gas. Really potent hits with each draw. This batch packs a punch and burns like a dream. The ash burns clean with a heavy oil ring that builds almost immediately. You’re going to really enjoy the burn and taste on this My Little Pony if you’re a true indica lover!

The effects come on smooth and quite fast with this strain. You’re immediately hit with a wave of relaxation that builds into a solid sedative high. Your mind is numbed and you’ll find yourself losing yourself in your own thoughts at times. Excellent heavy hitting bud for those looking for strong cannabis. This batch packs a punch in effects suitable for night time use.


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