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Motor Breath x Mai Tai by The Drip

The Drip brings us another amazing offering with its Motor Breath x Mai Tai strain. This rare exotic hybrid grown expertly by The Drip is a must try for cannabis connoisseurs looking for something new and fire to smoke on!

Bag appeal is really something to appreciate when you crack open a bag of this strain. Perfectly cured buds are compact and dense to the touch. A layer of greasy resin covers the bud inside and out. Dark forest green buds have hints of lighter green and purple upon cracking open the buds. The caked on buds have short amber hairs that contrast beautifully with the buds color palette.

The aromas are sweet and pungent with this Motor Breath x Mai Tai. You’re instantly hit with pungent exotic fruit terps paired with a meaty dank gassiness when you crack open the jar. The aromas fill up the room with a sweet and gassy aroma. Upon grinding up this strain you get strong notes of Hawaiian Punch, citrus, cream, funk, spice and a sweet gassiness that holds it all together.

The smoke is on this strain by The Drip is amazing. On the dry toke you get big flavours of spice, liquorice, pine and gas. Once you light the joint up you get a spicy, meaty and citrus flavour on the inhale with an earthy pine finish. The joint burns with a greasy resin ring and a super clean ash. Super flavourful draws with this strain that keeps on giving through the whole joint.

The effects are great for unwinding and enjoying your afternoon. An uplifting cerebral high wipes away worries as a calming relaxing body buzz builds into a long lasting balanced high. Clean and potent effects with this strain that doesn’t knock you out. Excellent for getting things done or enjoying hobbies in the day time. Another banger and must try by The Drip!


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