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Miracle Alien Cookies by Captains Pink

Miracle Alien Cookies is a popular award winning hybrid created by crossing Starfighter x Columbian Landeace which was then crossed with Alien Cookies. This cut by the Captain is a bang on example of a top shelf grown M.A.C.

M.A.C by Captains Pink is one of the best looking examples of this strain out there. Super tight and compact nugs have a thick layer of creamy resin covering them. Deep bright green blends with dark purples and short amber hairs that hug the buds structure.

The smells off this M.A.C is loud, creamy and pungent with the most complex and strong almost meaty punch. Such a pleasure to smell as it fills any room you’re in. When you grind it up big notes of musk, floral, funk, garlic, gravy, spice and sour citrus. The nose is super complex and deep which will have you smelling it a bunch every time before you even smoke it.

The smoke is potent and packs a flavourful punch with every hit. Thick bodied smoke expands smoothly in the lungs. Big flavours of funk, garlic and sour citrus tang with a creamy earthy finish. Excellent flavour profile.

The effects are heavy and all encompassing and will satisfy the veteran smokers out there with its strong buzz. Excellent choice for evening and nights. This M.A.C by Captains Pink is a must have for anyone who’s a fan of this strain!


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