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LSO Khalifa Mints by Headwater

Khalifa Mints is a indica dominant hybrid created by crossing Khalifa Kush x The Menthol. This LSO cut by Headwater is excellent and hits every box for top shelf smoke!

Bag appeal on this cut by Headwater is absolutely stunning. The buds are fully developed with a chunky stacked look. The light and mid green buds are completely covered in a thick layer of milky resin. So much resin it makes it hard to see the buds’ color palette. There are short orange hairs that add to its visual appeal. The buds are absolutely caked and iced out. Truly a treat to look at.

The aromas are deep, dank and refreshing. Upon cracking open the jar you’re hit with a minty fresh kush profile that fills the room. Loud notes of spice, pine, gas, creamy funk, cookie dough, mint and citrus. The aromas blend perfectly for a unique and complex profile.

The smoke is so flavourful and enjoyable on this batch of Khalifa Mints. On the inhale you get a fresh draw of mint, pine and citrus. The exhale is an earthy sweet gas finish. Absolutely delicious smoking experience with this strain.

The effects are uplifting and invigorating to start. Your eyes get a little droopy and limbs a little heavy as the session goes on. Pressure builds in your head before your body goes into a relaxing body buzz. All negative thoughts and vibes are wiped away. By the end of the joint you’re in a blissful stoney state perfect for relaxing.


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