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LSO Greasy Pink by Captainspink

Greasy Pink is a hard hitting indica strain created by crossing classic powerhouse strains Bubba Kush x Pink Kush. This batch by the Captain is to die for if you’re an indica lover.

Bag appeal is A+ with this batch of Greasy Pink. Spade shaped buds have nice foxtailing and beautiful visual qualities. The iced out buds have a greasy layer of resin on them with forest greens and hints of purple throughout the buds. Trichomes cover the stacked smaller boulder like structure that make up the buds. Beautiful trim job on this cannabis. Sparse dark orange hairs and purple sugar leaves add to its beauty. The buds are cured to a nice denseness while maintaining good sticky moisture once you crack open the buds.

The aromas from this Greasy Pink are nose piercing Pink Kush vibes mixed with an earthy spice that ties it all together. Beautiful aromas of spice, pine, skunk, sweet gas, liquorice, and floral tie together perfectly. Deep and dank kush aromas that permeate any room you’re in as soon as you crack open the jar.

The smoke is flavourful and smooth. Each hit carries a potent hit that continues to bring flavours of pine, skunk and sweet gas. Really nice classic kush flavours with this cut. Almost old school kush vibes with its flavour and punch in the lungs.

The effects are classic indica effects that mellow and relax its user within a few puffs. Don’t plan too much with this strain. You’ll be left in a couch lock state perfect for rest and relaxation.

This batch of Greasy Pink is perfect for gas and indica lovers. Big kush flavour paired with strong effects make it desirable for experienced smokers looking for strong bud. Captain killed it again with this batch of Greasy Pink.


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