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Highly coveted and a rare strain created by Cookies after the SuperSonics point guard Gary Payton is a beautifully balanced hybrid that hits heavy on the sedative side. Gary Payton is a cross of The Y x Snowman. Green Camel did a great job with this run and it’s an excellent show of what this strain has to offer when grown properly.

Dense nugs are covered in a frosty layer of trichomes. They are light to mid green with lots of straggly light orange hairs throughout the bud. Bag appeal is A+ with this batch, there is little to no sugar leaves,minimal stem and sticky to the touch. Beautifully grown and presented cannabis.

The aromas from this strain are gassy and spicy. It has fairly balanced effects despite its unmistakably dank aroma. A beautiful mixture of diesel, funk, spice, pine, and burnt rubber make up its aromas. Excellent gassy terps.

The smoke packs a punch, is super smooth and leaves you wanting more. The taste of pine, diesel and cookie come through on the exhale. The ash burns clean white and is a testimony to its quality.

The effects come on fast with an uplifting effect that eases your mind. The sedative indica side kicks in and you’re left totally relaxed and ready to chill. Its effects are balanced yet potent which makes for a great daytime to early evening choice.