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LSO Frosted Fruit Cake by Terpy Vibes

Terpy Vibes killed it with this Frosted Fruit Cake! FFC is a Indica hybrid created by crossing Fruity Pebbles x Wedding Cake strains. This cut by Terpy Vibes boasts fresh sticky buds, strong potent effects and an incredible flavour profile. This hit all the marks for top shelf bud. True connoisseur weed.

The buds jump at you as soon as you open the bag. Iced out buds have a beautiful greenish purple tint to it. Dark orange hairs hug the nugs from all its crevices. Beautiful, dense, spade shaped buds bust up super fat for your smoking enjoyment. Sticky to the touch and greasy on the fingers. A hint to how much effort was put into the details like the cure on this batch. The buds have a nice snap and a perfect trim job.

The aromas are deep and pungent with this batch of Frosted Fruit Cake. Super terpy bud that screams exotic fruit, sweet cookie dough, funk and a heavy gas presence. Notes of spices, herbs, berry, pine, gas and exotic fruit really come through once ground up.

The smoke is super smooth. A solid oil ring builds quickly and the ash burns clean. This weed burns perfectly slow and evenly. Very enjoyable sessions with this FFC.

The effects are potent with this cut by Terpy Vibes. It starts with a warm pressure behind the eyes that completely moves down your whole body. By the end of the joint you’re already in a heavy indica buzz. A full body buzz that doesn’t have a completely knockout component to it. No burn out with this weed, just an urge to roll up another one and some serious munchies!

An absolute banger by Terpy Vibes. Looking forward to more great work by this grower!


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