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LSO Death Bubba 3.0 by Terpy Vibes

Death Bubba is a legendary indica strain that’s a descendant of Bubba Kush. This strain boasts heavy narcotic like effects that are sure to satisfy those looking for strong cannabis. This LSO batch of Death Bubba by Terpy Vibes is super clean and hits hard!

Bag appeal is super nice on this Death Bubba. Dense and compact buds have a rounded shape and classic dank kush look. The buds are mid to dark green with hints of purple mixed into its color palette. Bright orange hairs are plentiful throughout the bud along with a greasy layer of resin. The buds are cured to a pleasant stickiness and have a rock hard denseness. This bud breaks up super fat!

The aromas are classic kush aromas that get pronounced once broken up. Pungent notes of spice, pine, skunk, liquorice, floral, earth and lemon. This batch really takes on a heavy lemon pinesol vibe with a danky pine overtone. Really nice nose piercing kush aromas with this Death Bubba!

The smoke is thick, smooth and super potent with each draw. Big flavours of lemon Pinesol mixed with a spicy liquorice finish. The cure is immaculate on this batch giving you an enjoyable smoke from start to finish. You will not be disappointed with the quality of smoke on this LSO Death Bubba!

The effects are potent and will satisfy the true indica heads out there! Within the first few puffs pressure builds behind the eyes as your mind takes on deep introspection. Wipe off your schedule because this strain will put you on your ass and want to do nothing but relax and hit the munchies. Super potent Death Bubba cut that’s sure to satisfy the Indica connoisseurs!


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