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LSO Blueberry Pink by Captainspink

Blueberry Pink is a hard hitting indica strain created by crossing classics Blueberry x Pink Kush strains. The result is a hard hitting indica with big time flavour and top shelf visuals on this bud. This batch by the Captain is A1 and a must have for any indica gas lover.

The bag appeal is bangin’ on this Blueberry Pink by the Captain. Spade shaped buds are fully stacked to the max with a dense bud structure. Chunky and full bodied buds are iced out to the max giving the buds a glistening shine. Mid and light green buds have dark amber hairs running wild through the bud. Very visually appealing bud. Exotic gas is the best way to visualize this bud.

The aromas from this batch of Blueberry Pink are deep and loud. When you crack open the jar you get a big time Pink Kush vibes with a fruity berry undertone. Big notes of spice, pine, gas, blueberries and liquorice. Very deep and dank flavours that permeate any room you’re in. Loud as fuck.

The smoke is strong and heavy bodied. Potent hits get you into a relaxed head high that leaves you in bliss. Shreds away negativity and you feel positive and full of optimism. A full bodied indica high takes over and leaves you in a couch lock state similar to old school fire kush vibes. Very nice kush notes on this smoke with a light berry undertone that ties it together.

This batch of Blueberry Pink by the Captain is top shelf and a must have for all indica lovers. Absolutely exotic gas on a top level here.


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