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Lemonatti by Green Camel

Lemonatti is a beautiful indica hybrid strain created by crossing Gelonade x Biscotti parent strains. This batch by Green Camel hits like a top shelf Sativa at first and then balances out nicely with a heavy Indica lean. No sacrifice on flavour for effects here. Excellent pickup for anyone looking for that top shelf and potent bud.

Bag appeal is top shelf with this batch of Lemonatti. The buds are cured to a hard denseness with a bit of squish. The spade shaped buds are chunky with great stacking of smaller buds that make up the colas. They have a snappy texture off the break and leave your fingers feeling greasy and sticky from the resin.

The aromas are incredibly creamy cookie dough with big lemon, citrus overtones. When you put your nose to the jar you get notes of sweet dough, funk, tart lemon, sweet tangerines, wood, earth and floral. A very complex and unique smelling strain.

The smoke is very tasty. It translates to a sweet funky, tangerine and lemon on the inhale. You get an earthy and woody exhale that lingers in your mouth. Very satisfying on the palette. You’ll be a fan of this if you like the flavour of the strain Tangerine Dream.

The effects are uplifting and encourage creativity. Great for mornings for afternoons and is an excellent mood booster. The high starts with a mild body buzz and uplifting head high. It mellows out and finished with a classic full body indica buzz.

Excellent batch of Lemonatti by Green Camel! Potent effects paired with great terpene profile and a cure that ensures a good smoking experience.


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