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Lemon Mints by Captains Pink

Lemon Mints is an indica dominant hybrid created by crossing Lemon Meringue Pie x Kush Mints strains. This batch by Captains Pink screams top shelf quality paired with a pungent nose and effects that hit hard!

Bag appeal on this Lemon Mints by the Captain is absolutely stunning. The buds have an exotic look made up of dark purple buds that show the slightest hints of light green. The buds are littered with bright orange pistils and a thick greasy layer of resin that have the buds completely entrenched.

The terpene profile on this Lemon Mints is pungent and complex. When you first crack open the jar you’re hit with a creamy and funky lemon candy mixed with a heavy gas presence. Put your nose to the jar and you get pronounced notes of mint, sour lemons, funk, skunk, spice, pine and gas. Excellent pungent profile on this Lemon Mints.

The smoke is incredible with this Lemon Mints. Each draw invites full flavour and potent effects. Big sour lemon and cake terps on the inhale with an earthy gas finish that hints at mint.

The effects are perfect for evening and night time use with this Lemon Mints. Expect heavy handed indica effects that will have your eyes heavy, limbs moving slow and your mind totally at ease. Perfect for relaxing or watching a movie with some munchies before a heavy nap!

Without a question some of the best looking kush to date from the Captain! An excellent pickup for any true Indica connoisseur!


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