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Wedding Cake is a delicious and potent indica strain created by crossing Triangle Kush x Animal Mints. This cut by Unlicensed Producer is top shelf and one of the best Wedding Cakes on the market right now.

Bag appeal is top shelf with this Wedding Cake. First thing you notice is how caked and frosty each bud is. A glistening thick layer of white trichomes covers the buds full and chunky structure. The buds’ mid greens are barely visible through the buds thick layer or resin. Long amber hairs are prominent throughout the bud. Amazing cure that has the bud dense with very little give. There is good moisture and stickiness to the buds as soon as you crack them open.

The aromas are so pungent and sweet when you crack open the jar. Sweet delicious cakey aromas paired with deep dank gassy notes and a vanilla finish. The terpene profile is complex and deep with this batch by UP. If you’ve had wedding cake before this is definitely going to arouse your nose and keep you comparing every other Wedding Cake to this perfect cut.

The taste is translated perfect to the smoke. Sweet vanilla cake terps paired with a gassy undertone that is spicy and herbal. Amazing flavour profile that lasts the whole joint. The ash burns super clean and a heavy oil ring develops instantly.

The effects are potent and embodies exactly what wedding cake should be. Within a few puffs your mind is wiped of negative thoughts and problems. You end up with a care-free high that doesn’t promote extra mind activity. Heavy sedative effects take over and a full bodied indica high that hits hard takes over.

This batch of Wedding Cake is a great pickup for anyone looking to try some top shelf Wedding Cake. Perfect for night time use and weekends when you have nothing on the schedule.


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