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Kush Mints #9 by Silver Dollar Farms

Kush Mints is an indica hybrid created by crossing Animal Mints x Bubba Kush. This Kush Mints #9 pheno boasts loud and pungent kush notes paired with heavy effects making it a top choice for indica lovers!

The glistening spade shaped buds pop out with its beauty when you crack open the jar. Deep olive green buds are littered with straggly orange pistils and a thick layer of greasy trichomes. The caked on bud is cured to a rock hard denseness while maintaining a sticky moisture level once you crack open the bud. Really nice looking nugs that have evidently been handled with the utmost care.

The aromas from this cut leans more on the Bubba Kush lineage. When you open the jar of this #9 pheno you get hit with a deep and dank kush flavour that permeates the room you’re in. Upon a closer sniff you get notes of cookie dough, mint, spice, pine, citrus, garlic, funk and a deep gassiness that holds it all together. Really pungent and great smelling batch of Kush Mints!

The smoke is smooth as can be while maintaining good flavour throughout the joint. Spicy hints of kush notes along with a funky cookie dough creaminess really makes for a wonderful smoking experience.

The effects are quite relaxing to start and wipes away all negative thoughts. A blissful sense of well being and relaxing body buzz take over. Definitely a night time choice with this strain. Clean and potent effects make it an easy choice for those indica lovers looking to end the night with a bang!


7 grams, 14 grams, 14 grams (Smalls), 28 grams, 112 grams


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