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Kush Mints #2 by Silver Dollar Farms

Kush Mints is a popular hybrid strain created by crossing Animal Mints x Bubba Kush. This Kush Mints #2 pheno is sweet, gassy and potent. Excellent top shelf batch of Kush Mints by Silver Dollar Farms!

Bag appeal on this batch of Kush Mints #2 is absolutely stunning. Beautiful mid green buds are coated in a very thick layer of milky trichomes. Straggly orange pistils add an exotic look to the buds. The perfectly manicured buds have no extra sugar leaves or stems exposing how caked out in resin each bud is. Each bud is stacked with chunky boulders that make up each nug. Amazing bud structure that has some foxtailing characteristics that add to its beauty. The buds are semi dense with a perfectly crispy cure while maintaining good stickiness and moisture level throughout.

Kush Mints #2 is super pungent with sweet floral aromas mixed with a gassy funk. The aromas from this batch will fill any room your in with its unmistakably sweet and dank aromas. Put your nose to the jar and you’ll get notes of sweet gas, floral, funk, musk, cookie dough and a refreshing hint of mint. Absolutely delicious smelling flower and a treat for any terp chaser!

The smoke is smooth and flavourful with this Kush Mints. You get a sweet floral gas on the inhale and a refreshing earthy mint exhale. Insanely terpy draws with this batch. The cure on this batch is super nice and allows for big fat hits all the way through the session. The ash burns super clean with a heavy oil ring. Excellent smoking experience with this Kush Mints #2.

The effects build on with some time and come on quite smoothly. A super relaxing body buzz takes over with mild pressure behind the eyes. Your mind is wiped of negativity and bad vibes while a euphoric bliss comes over you. The high finishes with a heavy indica buzz that doesn’t completely knock you out.

Excellent choice for afternoon and evenings. Hands down one of the best kush mints out there. Great job Silver Dollar Farms!


7 grams, 14 grams, 14 grams (Smalls), 28 grams, 112 grams


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