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Jet Fuel Gelato by The Drip

Jet Fuel Gelato is a balanced hybrid strain created by crossing Gelato 45 x x {Hi-Octane OG x Jet Fuel}. The Drip did an outstanding job with this batch of Jet Fuel Gelato!

Bag appeal is quite nice on this batch or Jet Fuel Gelato. Mid green coloured buds are stacked with smaller popcorn clusters that make up the buds structure. Short orange pistils and a thick coating of crystals cover the buds interior and exterior. The buds have a crispy cure with a bit of give when squished between your fingers. A nice moisture level when you crack open the nug exposing how sticky this batch of Jet Fuel Gelato is.

The aromas from this Jet Fuel Gelato will have you smelling the jar over and over again. Sweet dessert like Gelato terps paired with a deep diesel and pungent funk that carries a bit of black pepper. The aromas are sure to fill any room you’re in and they get even louder once the buds are ground up.

The smoke on this Jet Fuel Gelato is flavourful and smooth with each draw. The flawless cure allows for big and flavourful hits throughout the session. The ash burns super clean with a nice oil ring that builds within the first few puffs. Excellent sweet Gelato terps on the inhale with an earthy kush exhale. Really nice flavour profile that is sure to become a favourite for any cannabis connoisseur.The effects are quite balanced and uplifting with this Jet Fuel Gelato to start the high. You’re hit initially with an uplifting and euphoric high that sparks creativity and allows tasks to be done with great positivity. Your mind is eased into a relaxing stone that also relaxes the body with a medium body buzz. Excellent choice for a daytime or evening smoke with its potent and clean high!


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