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Ice Cream Cake by PBB

You’re in for a treat with this Ice Cream Cake by Pacific Bud Boys. Ice Cream Cake was created by Seed Junky Genetics by crossing Gelato 33 x Wedding Cake. You can expect big, bold, and delicious flavours from this batch of ICC along with heavy indica effects.

The bag appeal is A+ with this batch of ICC. Fully caked, tight resinous buds are mid and dark green. The greasy, frosty and full headed resin that engulfs the bud inside and out makes it hard to see what the buds colours actually are. It has long orange hairs that are scraggly and go all over the place. A beautiful sight for any cannabis lover and truly one of the best cuts of ICC we’ve seen to date.

The terpene profile from this strain is as delicious as we’d expect with such famous parent strains. Big, bold aromas of creamy gas, sweet dough, funk, citrus, vanilla and a slight nutty note. It comes together so nicely it’s hard to pick up just one smell.

The sticky buds bust up beautifully and the joints basically roll themselves. The cure is beautiful on this batch and doesn’t need much work in jars to be fully enjoyed. Out of the bag these buds are immaculately cured. The smoke is smooth and full bodied. Creamy and flavourful tokes through the whole session. The ash burns clean white with this ICC.

Effects come on quick and leans heavy on the indica side. Expect a full on body buzz that drifts you into a couch lock state. The effects on this batch of ICC is stronger than usual for this strain. Definitely a great night time smoke for those looking to ease chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia.

An excellent pick up for any indica lover but also packs loud flavour and potent effects. Great job PBB!


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