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(Purple unicorn x og kush x triangle kush)

Hazeys Unicorn by Miss Hazey

Hazeys Unicorn by Miss Hazey is a rare and top shelf strain created by crossing Purple Unicorn x OG kush x Triangle Kush. This batch by Miss Hazey is top notch and expect nothing less if you’ve had the pleasure of smoking her flowers.

The bag appeal is absolutely stunning on this batch of Hazeys Unicorn. Perfectly manicured buds are milky light green in color with a super thick layer of white resin and light orange hairs. The buds are cured to perfection. The stacked buds are super dense in texture with a crispy cure. Nice fox-tailing and exotic visual characteristics with this strain.

The aromas that come from Hazeys Unicorn is pungent and cuts through any room making it hard to ignore. Big notes of funk, pine, cookie dough, spice, sweet berries, musk and earth. This strain lends a huge hand from its Triangle Kush parent and takes on its pungent aromas. Excellent kush and funk on this profile with a satisfying sweet fruitiness.

The smoke on this Hazeys Unicorn is potent and flavourful with every hit. A greasy resin ring builds within a few puffs and the ash burns clean white. Each draw brings in an earthy pine inhale with a funky musk exhale that hints at fruit and sweet dough. Really nice smoking experience with this strain, definitely flavourful in the right ways.

The effects are heavy and relaxing with this strain. Immediately upon smoking Hazeys Unicorn you can expect your eyes to get heavy and your limbs to feel relaxed. The effects come on smooth and by the end of the joint you’re left in a happy and relaxed sedative state. Excellent for evenings and finishing off the night.

Miss Hazey absolutely killed this run of Hazeys Unicorn. If you’re a fan of her flowers, this one is sure to satisfy. Big flavour and potent effects make it a perfect pickup for indica lovers.


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