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Grape Ice Cream Cake by Pacific Bud Boys

Grape Ice Cream Cake is a fantastic indica hybrid created by crossing Grape Pie x Ice Cream Cake strains. This batch of Grape ICC by Pacific Bud Boys is a top shelf example of what this strain should look and smoke like!

This batch of Grape Ice Cream Cake is a pleasure on the eyes. The iced out nugs have a thick layer of resin covering every part of each nug. The spade shaped buds have long light orange pistils that wrap around the buds chunky structure. Mid and deep forest greens mix with specs of purple to give it a top shelf and exotic look. The buds have a rock hard denseness while maintaining a perfectly sticky moisture level.

The aromas are loud, pungent and dank from this Grape ICC. As soon as you crack open the jar you’re welcomed with notes of vanilla ice cream, grape soda, herbal spice, liquorice, pine, and a heavy gas aroma. When you break open the buds the aromas are even more pronounced and loud.

The smoke is potent and flavourful with every hit. The joint burns nice and slow with a heavy oil ring that builds within the first couple of puffs. Not much grape flavour comes through on the smoke but it’s super enjoyable none the less. Gassy and creamy with a spicy herbal earthiness makes it such a tasty treat.

Effects come on smoothly and leaves you in a spacey mellow and relaxed mood. A medium to high intensity body buzz keeps you couch locked with higher doses. Really nice heavy indica effects that encourage munchies and relaxation. A great choice for those looking to smoke a potent strain at the end of the night. Excellent batch of top shelf flower by PBB!


7 grams, 14 grams, 14 grams (Smalls), 28 grams, 112 grams


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